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Avantslash: Change log

v4.15 (2017-07-17)
* slashdot.org via https; remove legacy beta-avoidance.
  (The author's IP address was banned temporarily, despite very
   light usage in the past weeks. Maybe because it was using
   obsolete http URLs. )

v4.14 (2016-03-16)
* Added bookmark function for threads. Useful if you want to
  revisit a thread to see further replies.
* SD: tweak handling of story URLs
* SD: also show transcripts of video interviews
* SD: repair dynamic comment expansion (slashdot.org uses https since
  14 March 2016)

v4.13 (2015-11-14)
* Polls link to voting booth; show poll results graphically
* SD: Handle story URL (as now appearing in slashdot story

v4.12 (2015-08-05)
* Avantslash is now suitable for serving over https rather than
http. Contributed by Stefan Zwanenburg.
* Change error message (in case of zero comments).
* Use left margin if mobile layout is viewed on a wide screen.
* SN: some code cleanup.
* SN: suppress story blurb in thread view.
* SN: remove "Original submission" link
* SD: also show video stories on main page (but not 'video bytes').
* SD: comments page: restore disappeared 'posted by' line.
* SD: no more 404 error on story pages when site is in read-only
  maintenance mode.
* SD: use correct comment threshold in thread mode when
  requested from expanded comment or 'read full comment' link.
* SD: correctly repoint urls to slashdot user page
  (i.e. /~username).
* SD: fix disappeared posted/department due to slashdot template change.

v4.11 (2015-07-01)
* State number of comments for stories on main page.
* Improved scroll buttons (no history pollution).
* Removed legacy WAP/WML support.
* Soylentnews: parsing: handle long stories ('below the fold'), no
  more "Related stories" title; suppress comment signatures; rewrite
  URLs to local avantslash URLs.
* Soylentnews: added dynamic comment expansion.
* Soylentnews: search sorts by date, not by relevancy
* Soylentnews: connect by https;
* Slashdot: handle main page html change (posted by...)

v4.10 (2015-06-21)
* Slashdot front-page html change ('read more' was gone).
  No more polls on the front page, unfortunately.
* Soylentnews story page: fix broken comment subject/score parsing.
* Output charset: utf-8 (especially for Soylentnews)
* Added scroll to top/bottom buttons

v4.9 (2nd/9th March 2014)
* Added soylentnews.org support (see readme)
* Added auto-upgrade feature (strictly opt-in).
* demo less restrictive on referrer
* allow <em> in comments
* (9th March): bugfix in autoupgrade script (for tar version 1.23)

v4.8 (7th February 2014)
* Better "slashdot beta" avoidance by sending cookie "betagroup=-1":
  no more 'reload beta' on comment pages.
* Tweaked css styles (invert, dark, serif).
* added index.cgi redirect (and updated auth/.htaccess example)
* updated readme.txt; added diagnostic.cgi to diagnose installation
* Tweaked threshold handling in [thread] mode

v4.7 (11th January 2014)
* Deal with (randomized) 'slashdot beta' layout for main page
* Add 'force_reload' link to failed page requests. (Note: beta layout
  not parsed for comments pages)
* Deal with failed message expand.
* Linking to avantslash.org rather than fourteenminutes.com.
* updated readme file.

v4.6 (8th May 2013)
* Deal with changed date format

v4.5 (29th March 2013)
* Update for new slashdot HTML (parse title in front page)
* Add ?rss=1 option to get RSS feed. Experimental feature.
* Prevent userids and dates from being interpreted as clickable phone
* format bullet lists in comments.

v4.4 (15th November 2011)
* Added option to view extra thread and reply links for each comment.

v4.3 (11th July 2011)
* Bugfix: CSS cookie did not work in Perl version >= 5.10.1.
* Changed icons (again).
* Added 'Apply and return' button on preferences page.
* Changed title 'Slashdot' to 'Avantslash'

v4.2 (13th June)
* Error messages from slashdot such as '503 service unavailable' are
  shown to the user. (Slashdot is not working today).
* Bugfix time-zone translation.
* Move avantify.config to 'config.dist'. Local settings go to
* Add time zone translation and date formatting; config variables
* New artwork (logo and icons); adapted css accordingly. 
* Removed serif.css again, makes no sense.
* Changed update checker to use fourteenminutes.com/.../checkupdate.cgi.
* Put notice about usage tracking in readme and config example.
* Split credits page into separate prefs page. I got tired of
  scrolling down while switching to night mode.
* Added example htaccess authentication under authenticate/
* Add noindex robot tag if user agent looks like a bot.
* Added 'dark' color scheme for reading in the dark.
* Demo mode: move default demo settings; hide cache stats from user.
* Now also redirect links to individual comments ('see this earlier
* [Thread] links have lower threshold.
* Change cache control for css to prevent checking css time stamp.
* Introduced 'demo_mode'. Limited functionality; safe for public
  use. Differences with standard mode: no search, only show older
  issues, maximum queries per IP address, referrer checking, robots
  noindex, limited number of comments/stories, long cache lifetime.
* More tweaking algorithm for dispaying [Thread] links.
* [Thread] links at more relevant locations
* Bugfix: display correct 'posted' in non-thread mode.
* Added timeout mechanism. Current values 30 seconds for slashdot.org
  and 8 seconds for 'fourteenminutes.com'. This is because AvantSlash
  sometimes stalls while waiting for Fourteenminutes; also we don't
  want to make AvantSlash unusable when Fourteenminutes happens to be
* Now the URL is stored in the cached file and $fetch_info{url} is
  also defined when the URL was taken from the cache. Comes in handy
  when debugging timeouts.
* Added 'serif' css option.
* Bugfix in [thread] mode: properly recognize start of comments; not
  doing so sometimes causes a server error (html output without
* Bugfix in comment debug mode, for same reason as above.
* Change algorithm for [thread] (every comment that does not start
  with "Re:"). This is more reliable and compatible with compressed
  top-level comments. 
* Add 'read the rest of this comment' using the [thread]
  mechanism. However, Slashdot handles this in a mysterious way.
* Move CSS to css/ subdirectory. Add 'css_dist.txt' file containing
  the CSS files for this release, to avoid cluttering the skin
  selection list with old CSS versions after an update. User-specific
  CSS files can be defined in css_local.txt, which should NOT be
  included with the distribution.
* Add [thread] links to top-level comments; this will show comments
  that are hidden in the regular story pages if there are more than 50
  comments in the story.
* Change bigfont, smallfont to font-l and font-b; changed default font
* add 'debugging.txt' with some undocumented options.
* Experimenting with browser sniffing; absolute path in
  apple-touch-icon for Android
* CSS: remove redundancy; make 'hugefont' a bit larger
* CSS option 'bigbutton' (doesn't seem to help on Android 1.6, though)

v4.1 (10th April 2011)
* URL replacement scheme updated to now support redirecting wikipedia,
  xkcd and youtube references to the mobile version.
* Many config options are now moved away from the config file and onto the
  "About/Preferences" page. This allows different reading options on a
  per-device basis.
* Added an option for hidden main pages to be shown in a different colour
* If there is a parsing problem, you can now force AvantSlash to check
  for an update.
* Slashdot-truncated comments for threshold <= 1 now get an [expand] link.
* Viewport settings removed as now can be detected automatically.
* Added an option so that comments can be displayed indented to allow you
  to easily follow who is replying to what post.
* Number of bug fixes relating to expanding messages, debugging mode,
  update checking and blockquotes in postings not being closed.
* Updated credits to include cache statistics.
* Book reviews are now correctly parsed.
* Favicon and iOS icons added.

v4.0 (6th March 2011)
* The location of avantify.config is taken from the current working
  directory, so that (the majority of) users will not need to edit the
  script to make it work.
* Some leftover html tags (e.g. </a> in the score) are now removed.
* Added more non-printing whitespace in the html output to make debugging
* Improved the debugging output: better removal of attributes inside html
* Now supports expanding truncated comments for javascript-capable browsers
  and optionally abbreviating low-score comments.
* Now downloads the regular dynamic slashdot pages, instead of trying to
  deal with the buggy and unstable legacy versions.
* Some code cleanup: parsing of front page in separate function; pruned
  apparently obsolete code, moved other stuff in separate subroutines.
* Add links to previous issues, up to 5 days ago, on front page.
* Improved debugging messages.
* New layout templating system allowing for on-the-fly changes to the
  stylesheets depending on which looks better on various devices.

v3.19 (30th November 2010) by Han-Kwang Nienhuys
* Correct the issue with comment thresholds not working as they should.
* Updated the regexp to extract the author again, and the control flow to
  start comment output.
* Changed the DUMP_REFORMATTED_HTML option: 2=as it used to be;
  1=output html as it is being parsed.
* Remove onclick=... from the tags so that it's easier to eyeball the
  raw html code.
* Updated copyright so that it is correct each year.
* Escaped quotes (\") in regexps so that Emacs' syntax highlighting
  doesn't get confused.
* Fixed the issue with comments being truncated which turned out that
  they were hidden ones which were dynamically downloaded when clicked.

v3.18 (14th October 2010)
* Fixed an issue where a change to the way comment titles were presented
  mean't that AvantSlash didn't display any comments.
* Updated the copyrights.

v3.17 (19th September 2009)
* Fixed the presentation error which meant that two headers were
  displayed when the comments could not be parsed.
* Removed the message count when the error page is presented.
* Updated the code to cope with the changes to the Slashdot HTML for
  the comments page (thanks to Han-Kwang Nienhuys for the details).
* Fixed an issue where some comments weren't being shown because the
  quoted text was being formatted with CSS rather than HTML.
* Added an option to change the postings of people who insist on prefixing
  comments they are replying to with > ("old-style") into blockquotes.
* Very long URL's in comments which cause scrolling problems on mobile
  phones are now automatically shortened.

v3.16 (18th July 2009)
* Added a SET_VIEWPORT option so that people using a BlackBerry or an
  iPhone can read the content in landscape mode (thanks to Keith Schawel
  for the details)
* Updated the code so that the "idle" section can now be read.

v3.15 (12 June 2009)
* Updated the code to cope with the changes to the Slashdot HTML for
  the comments page.
* HTML tags are no longer displayed in the page title.

v3.14 (26 April 2009)
* Updated the code to cope with the changes to the Slashdot HTML for
  the main page.
* Updated the copyrights.
* Updated the documentation to indicate support for the iPhone.

v3.13 (4th April 2008)
* Fixed bug which meant that users were directed to a non-working Google
  page when viewing on a basic WML only enabled browser.
* Fixed bug which meant that browsers which report they support
  "application/xhtml" but not "text/html" are wrongly presented with the
  WML version of Slashdot.
* Updated the code to support the HTML changes made by Slashdot to the
  comments page.

v3.12 (28th October 2007)
* Updated the code to support the HTML changes made by Slashdot to the
  comments page.

v3.11 (9th October 2007)
* Added ability to override the default threshold to read more or less.
  There is an option in the configuration file to turn it on or off.
* Fixed a number of bugs relating to the Google WML proxy which prevented
  the script from correctly recognising it, sending the correct page to
  convert and redirecting to it when viewing (thanks to Han-Kwang Nienhuys
  for all the fixes).
* Fixed a bug which meant that some of the smaller stories were not being
  displayed on the mainpage.

v3.10 (10th February 2007)
* Updated code to work around Slashdot's bizzare insistence that 
  requests to the main page have a referer of slashdot.org.
* Updated the issue functionality to work with Slashdot's recent HTML 
  change which was missed in v3.9.  Many thanks to Ithier de Lestrange 
  for the code.
* Updated the code to correctly redirect (almost) any link to another 
  Slashdot article within the story or a comment back through 
* Updated Copyright references to dates.
* Added an option to turn blockquoted content into italics for devices 
  that cannot handle the indented text very well.
* Fixed yet another Slashdot fiddle where they added a space in a 
  label which caused the main page to break.
* Added a debugging option which dumps the post-processed HTML. This
  is only going to be useful if you're trying to fix any problems.

v3.9 (3rd November 2006)
* Updated code to support the HTML changes on the Slashdot main page.
* Corrected the CHANGELOG to reflect the right version numbers.
* Updated the README to take into account that Palm devices and offline
  browsing isn't as popular as Windows Mobile, Blackberries and online
  browsing as it was in 2002 when the original README was written.

v3.8 (27 October 2006)
* Updated code to support the HTML changes on the Slashdot main page 
  as they decided to insert a space into a heading tag.
* Fixed bug where comments page caused internal server error when
  debug mode was turned on.
* Fixed bug where sometimes the first part of an article is missing
  because Slashdot's HTML incorrectly tags two blocks of text as the
  intro (rather than just one).

v3.7 (18 September 2006)
* Updated code to support the HTML changes on the Slashdot comments 

v3.6 (21st July 2006)
* Fixed a bug so that you can see "mini stories" again.
* Added support for specifying an issue date in the URL to view news
  days, weeks or years old. Many thanks to Ithier de Lestrange for the 
* Fixed a bug where if a comment contained the blockquote tag, then
  it wasn't shown.
* Cleaned up code relating to setting the correct directory and added
  informative error message when it is wrongly configured.

v3.5 (2nd May 2006)
* Fixed a bug which meant that people who quoted parent posters with the
  blockquote tag would never have their own comment shown.
* Added functionality so that whenever someone references a previous
  Slashdot article (eg. a dupe or when something has been previously
  covered) it is handled by Avantslash.
* Added graceful handling of problems relating to AvantSlash's inability
  to parse the content returned by Slashdot's webserver.
* Added support for showing mini-articles posted in other sections on
  the same page.
* Added an informative message when there are no comments at a certain
* Fixed various bugs caused by yet another change to Slashdot's HTML.

v3.4 (9th December 2005)
* Updated code so that additional parts to an article (used for reviews,
  slashback and other such things) are now shown when you follow the read
  more link.
* Updated the code to work with the XHTML changes to the comments section.
* Added functionality to automatically fix mismatched blockquote tags
  which can cause later comments to become incorrectly indented. 

v3.3 (19th October 2005)
* Fixed a bug which meant that articles with no specific section were not
  being displayed on the main page (thanks to Steve McNally for spotting it)

v3.2 (3rd October 2005)
* Updated all parsing code to cope with the change on the Slashdot site
  to HTML and CSS.

v3.1 (15th June 2005)
* Fixed critial bug regarding the cache timeout which meant it was always
  set to a value that would get the IP from which AvantSlash connected
  from banned.

v3.0 (1st June 2005)
 - Updated code to remove additional newline before the (read more) link.
 - Removed all configuration from the main script and placed it into
   a seperate file. This means that future updates won't mean that you
   need to re-apply your configuration settings.

v2.32 (28th April 2005)
 - Updated code to cope with a change to the format of URL used by
   each referenced article on the main page.

v2.31 (18th March 2005)
 - Updated code to cope with more Slashdot HTML changes (another set of
   case changes)
 - Updated other sections of the code so that case changes won't cause
   it to break again
 - If a comment gets truncated for being too long, AvantSlash will now
   indicate this.

v2.30 (17th March 2005)
 - Updated code to cope with Slashdot HTML change (they've converted their
   table tags to lovercase, not sure what that achieves)

v2.29 (18th January 2005)
 - Updated the advert filter code.

v2.28 (2nd November 2004)
 - Fixed bug where AvantSlash would prefer showing WML to web browsers that
   support both WML and HTML. This was a problem especially with Pocket
   Internet Explorer on the Microsoft Smartphone and PocketPC Phone Edition.

v2.27 (12th August 2004)
 - Fixed bug which means that if you viewed the site on a WAP phone, you
   weren't correctly redirected to the Google WML to HTML converter.
 - Added debugging code to easily work out what to fix when the Slashdot
   authors change the design again.
 - Fixed bug where cleaned up external pages wouldn't be viewable at all.

v2.26 (19th July 2004)
 - Updated code to cope with Slashdot HTML change (they've oddly removed the
   # in all references to colours)

v2.25 (26th April 2004)
 - Updated code to cope when one of the Slashdot authors forgets to put
   a department name in.
 - Added patch kindly provided by John Milton which fixes some warnings
   when using perl -cw.
 - Moved logo to the left for better viewing with Opera on series 60

v2.24 (22nd March 2004)
 - Updated code to cope with HTML change by the Slashdot authors which
   prevented the list of stories being shown. (Thanks to Dan Fulbright for
   supplying the fix).

v2.23 (20th February 2004)
 - Updated code to cope with HTML change by the Slashdot authors which
   prevented the list of stories being shown.

v2.22 (4th November 2003)
 - Updated code to cope with HTML change by the Slashdot authors which
   prevented the list of stories being shown.

v2.21 (25th July 2003)
 - Removed additional <P> which appeared after each story blurb due to
   Slashdot template change.
 - Added silly feature where any comments by me have a link to the credits
   of AvantSlash (yes, it's sad, sue me).
 - Fixed stupid bug which means that an empty line stopped all comments
   below it being shown.

v2.20 (20th April 2003)
 - Fixed yet another HTML change by the Slashdot authors which prevented
   the story on the comments page being displayed.
 - Fixed silly bug which meant that all page titles weren't being shown.

v2.19 (10th April 2003)
 - Fixed another HTML tweek by the Slashdot authors which prevented
   the main page being displayed (thanks to Joe Maiorana yet again for
   supplying the fix)

v2.18 (7th April 2003)
 - Fixed yet another HTML tweek by the Slashdot authors which prevented
   comments being displayed (thanks to Joe Maiorana for supplying the fix)

v2.17 (6th March 2003)
 - Fixed error message caused by incorrect @ (thanks to Kevin Martin for
   spotting that one)
 - Fixed it so that if you have internalize_links set to zero, you can't
   use the external=1 paramater to clean HTML. This came about because some
   prat at (firebox.mbe-eng.com) used my script to clean up
   the Newsweek Site Index on MSNBC (and other links not used by slashdot)
   and ended up twatting the server good and hard.
 - Set internalize_links default option to 0 (off) in light of the above.

v2.16 (21st February 2003)
* Fixed "Read more" page not showing anything due to changes in Slashdots
  HTML (thanks to Joe Maiorana for supplying the fix)

v2.15 (5th February 2003)
* Added option to limit the maximum number of comments shown (thanks to
  Charles McNulty for the code)
* Added an option to turn off the function that "internalizes" external
  links so you can ensure only Slashdot content is stored (thanks to.
  Charles McNulty for the code)

v2.14 (31 January 2003)
* Fixed "Read more" links problem due to change in Slashdot HTML (thanks to
  Joe Maiorana for supplying the fix)
* You can now visit the URL on a WAP phone for a WAP version of Slashdot

v2.13 (20th January 2003)
* Fixed blank comments error due to change in Slashdot HTML (thanks to Joe
  Maiorana for supplying the fix)

v2.12 (14th January 2003)
* Fixed Internal Server in comments error due to change of URL (thanks to
  Joe Maiorana for originally spotting this)

v2.11 (3rd December 2002)
* Fixed lack of comments issue when Slashdot changed their formatting
* Shortened "Credits, disclaimer and Copyright" link to just "More info..."
  so it doesn't wrap on my Palm Vx
* Cleaned up a bit of code and added other kludges elsewhere

v2.10 (2nd August 2002)
* Fixed missing content-type header in credits (thanks to Dan Fabulich for
  spotting it)
* Added the date when the page was collected at the bottom so you know
  how recent it is.

v2.9 (25th July 2002)
* Updated code to work with slightly new HTML redesign
* Removed large header at the bottom of each page for a credits page

v2.8 (30th May 2002)
* Updated code to work with slightly new HTML redesign
* Fixed bug that meant that anonymous posters didn't show up (thanks to
  Dan Fabulich for the fix)
* Updated the ad filtering code

v2.7 (11th March 2002)
* Updated code to work with slightly new HTML redesign
* Added alt tag to logo and tagline ("News for Nerds. Stuff that matters")
* Added code so that visiting an external site causes all links and images
  to be removed.
* Modified default comment level to be 5 rather than 3 as too often you'd
  reach your page limit

v2.6 (21st February 2002)
* Updated code to work with new URL sections (http://*.slashdot.org)
* Added nice logo for no real reason.

v2.5 (11th February 2002)
* Updated code to work with changes to Slashdot's HTML

v2.4 (14th December 2001)
* Updated the contact details to reflect new URL
* Removed my email address from the template to avoid being caught by
  spam bots crawling the site

v2.3 (29th October 2001)
* Fixed bug that meant that some scores for comments weren't being shown 
  (thanks to Glenn Phillips for the fix)
* Updated the documentation regarding using AvantSlash's local caching
  (thanks to Glenn Phillips for the suggestion)
* Added user definable cache timeout option for advanced users

v2.2 (26th October 2001)
* Added local caching which will reduce the hit on Slashdot when the
  script is being used by multiple people

v2.1 (20th September 2001)
* Added a "(read more)" link and the ability to turn it on and off so
  that you don't have to scroll down and then back up to link to the
* Changed copyright symbol to &copy; for cleaner HTML.
* Added an option to remove italics from the output so that Palm Pilot
  versions of Avantgo don't render everything in bold (which in my opinion
  looks horrible and is difficult to read).

v2.0 (30 August 2001)
* New major version number, entirely new code. Now properly parses the
  main site, allows you to toggle items on and off and the horriffic
  searches and replaces have been replaced with pattern matches.
* Released under the GNU GPL. The last licence was fine, but thought
  I might as well support the organisation that provided these nice
  free tools.

v1.4 (29 August 2001)
* Quick hacks to get it working under Slash 2.2. Some stuff that 
  shouldn't show, now does, but its better than nothing. Next version
  will be 2.0 and need a total rewrite *sigh*

v1.3 (16th July 2001)
* Started a changelog
* Added cache control to reduce server load
* Removed slashdot graphic from the top of pages
* Removed messages box from above the comments
* Cleaned up documentation
* Added user definable threshold
* Made it so that going to just avantify.cgi will take people to the
  Slashdot main page

v1.2 (15th July 2001) by Kevin Kadow  
* Removed dependency on wget and changed to LWP
* Cleaned up portions of the code

* Cleaned up so it could be distributed

* Original version